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Artwork for White Toner Transfers Instruction Book


Physical printed book w/USB including license for 50 high resolution graphics.

Having the ability to create your own artwork is very beneficial. Even if you use stock art as a starting point you can customize it to suit your needs. This book was created to show you how to properly create artwork for white toner transfers. Using these instructions you will be able to create artwork that will enhance and augment your designs and produce an optimal final product.

We provide step-by-step lessons to demonstrate various specifications techniques and ways to create artwork for printing transfers with white toner printers. Basic techniques as well as tips and tricks for more advanced layout ideas will be discussed including working with raster and vector artwork as well as photographs and making full-color artwork more printer friendly.

In this book Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are used for outlining all the lessons. While you don’t need to be an Illustrator or Photoshop expert to follow along with the lessons a basic knowledge of graphics software is suggested to help you navigate through them easier. If you follow the steps in this book even the novice will be surprised at the quality of their finished product. Even if you’re new to Illustrator and Photoshop you’ll find you’ll be up and at it in no time!

You will receive physical products with this order shipped directly to your home or business.

Book by Dane Clement.