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Grocery Cart Handle Cover


<p>These cart handle covers are a MUST HAVE to keep shoppers safe and germ-free! Shopping cart handles are some of the dirtiest items the public touches and now you can keep yourself safe by bringing your own personalized sublimatable cover to the store. </p>

<p>Made from durable water-resistant neoprene material these eco-friendly cart handles will give you peace of mind that you and your little ones won’t have to touch handle germs or bacteria when shopping.</p>

<p>Simply wrap the lightly padded cover around the handle and attach the two ends together with the hook and loop closure. Once you’re finished shopping undo the hook and loop closure and fold together without touching the outside and wash before your next use! These are machine washable and will remain vibrant and colorful wash after wash.</p>

<p>Require a large format printer and press for all over sublimation.</p>