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Subli Glaze™ Opaque White Spray Coating 13.5oz


<p>Subli Glaze™ is the only do-it-yourself sublimation coating solution that is designed  to enable sublimation decoration on a whole range of surfaces such as ceramic wood glass plastic metal or stone. Coat substrates quickly and easily making almost any surface sublimation ready! Expand your creative options in your sublimation business with the Subli Glaze line of products.</p>
<p>Subli Glaze™ Opaque White Base Coating is used in conjunction with Subli Glaze™ Clear coating and allows you to spray dark surfaces such as slate or stone with a white base coat which is then covered with Subli Glaze™ clear coating to allow for sublimation.</p>
<p><strong>Use:</strong> Use as a base coat for dark surfaces to create a base for your transfer to show.</p>
<p><i>*Meant to cure in convection oven DESIGNATED for sublimation projects only. Do not use with a kitchen oven where food is prepared. Subli Glaze settings and results will vary based on each individual substrate. It’s recommended to test Subli Glaze on each substrate before production as time temperature and settings vary per product. Since substrates vary we cannot guarantee performance or results. Hand wash only.</i></p>
<p>All sales Final – No Returns accepted</p>