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iColor Select Ultra Bright 2Step Transfer Media Kit 100PK 11.7"X16.5"


<p>The iColor 2-Step Select Ultra Bright Media gives you the ability to transfer full color prints from toner heat transfer printers on to a variety of light and dark colored textiles and garments. The translucent adhesive applied during the 2-step process increases durability opacity and vibrancy on your finished product. Use rasterization and negative space in your design to enhance durability and create an even softer feel. </p>

<h5>iColor 2-Step Select Ultra Bright Paper Advantages.</h5>
<ul><li>Great choice when transferring to dark garments for best vibrancy</li>
<li>The perfect option when a lot of stretchability is needed in the transfer</li>
<li>An attractive matte finish great for all garment types </li>
<li>Very strong adhesive which helps prevent images from pulling apart from wear
<li>Lower cost for a great everyday choice for garment transfers </li>
<li>Wash life of 30 - 50 washes when finished garments are washed inside out in cold or warm water with low agitation </li>
<li>Available in 8.3" x 11.7" or 11.7" x 16.5" </li>
<li>"A" and "B" sheets sold together </li>
<li>Sold in packs of 100 </li>
<li>Compatible printers: iColor 550 iColor 600 OKI 711WT OKI 8432WT OKI 9541WT </li></ul>

<h5>Print and Transfer To: </h5>
<ul><li>Dark and light fabrics </li>
<li>Blankets pillows bags </li>
<li>Most types of fabrics </li>
<li>T-shirts sweatshirts jackets aprons</li>
<li>Mouse pads </li>
<li>And much more! </li></ul>

<p><h5>TWO STEP PROCESS:</h5><br/>
The 2-step paper process requires an "A" sheet the paper that is printed on and a "B" sheet which is the adhesive/glue that bonds the toner to the garment. </p>

<p>During the process the adhesive on the "B" sheet only becomes "sticky" where the toner was printed when you press/marry the two sheets together creating a self-weeding or weedless process. The 2-step process maximizes the wash life and durability of the finished product. </p>

<p><h5>RASTERIZATION: </h5><br/>
The process of adding dots and stripes of negative space within a RIP software to soften your designs feel on the garment. This also improves the washability and durability of the design as well as saving you money by reducing the amount of toner used.</p>