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iColor Select 2Step Textile Transfer Media 8.27"X17" 100PK


<p>The iColor 2-Step Premium Transfer Media set gives you the ability to transfer prints from the Uninet iColor series of heat transfer printers (including white and fluorescent color prints) onto a variety of light and dark garments and apparel in an easy weed free process.</p>

<p>The white adhesive applied as a result of the 2-step process enhances the color of your transfer and increases the adhesion to your garment for maximum durability opacity and vibrancy on your finished product. </p>

<p>Incorporating rasterization and negative space integrated into your design as well as using the garment color as a mask will also enhance the stretch limit and softness of your finished product. </p>

<p>The iColor 2-Step Premium Series Transfer Media is considered the best choice of media when the softest possible hand/feel is required. This media is brighter than any other media on the market today and has the best color reproduction especially when printing red.</p>

<p>This media has several advantages which complements UniNet’s robust line of transfer media. </p>
<ul><li>A matte texture instead of a shiny finish</li>
<li>A very strong adhesive which helps prevent images from pulling/ripping apart</li>
<li>Lower cost media is a great everyday choice for textile transfers</li>
<li>Finished garments will last between 30 - 50 washes (depending on how it’s laundered)</li></ul>

<p>Recommended wash: finished garments/apparel inside out in cold or warm water and low agitation.</p>

<p>Sold in packs of 100 sheets</p>