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iColor 1-Step AquaClear Transfer Media


<p>iColor AquaClear 1-Step transfer media is an easy-to-use transparent media for various substrates and hard surfaces such as candles ceramic glass plastic toys and more! This media is perfect when you need to personalize an item that is sensitive to heat or doesn’t fit in a heat press. </p>

<p>The use of a toner heat transfer printer with underprint mode is recommended. Regular white toner printers overprint white only and can only be used if you are transferring to a substrate with a white background. Transferring to clear or dark surfaces without white underprint will result in dull or washed out images. </p>

<h5>iColor 1-Step AquaClear Transfer Media Advantages: </h5>
<ul><li>Good choice when needing a durable final product </li>
<li>Better color reproduction results for vibrant full color graphics </li>
<li>Perfect for heat sensitive items </li>
<li>Perfect for odd shaped items that won't fit in a press </li>
<li>Mid-level cost </li>
<li>Available in 8.5" x 11" </li>
<li>"A" sheet only no "B" sheet required </li>
<li>Sold in packs of 100 </li>
<li>Compatible printers: iColor 550 iColor 600 iColor 800 OKI 711WT OKI 8432WT OKI 9541WT </li></ul>

<h5>Print and Transfer To: </h5>
<ul><li>Acrylic </li>
<li>Metal </li>
<li>Ceramic </li>
<li>Tile </li>
<li>Glass </li>
<li>Crystal </li>
<li>Candles </li></ul>