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Vapor Gaiter w/ Solar Fabric Large Pearl Grey 18" x 9.5"


Comfortable easy to wear and breathable! The Vapor Solar Gaiter is a multi-functional performance accessory that can be worn at least eight different ways with the most common being a covering over the nose mouth and neck. Vapor Gaiters come in three different sizes and are made of 100% Solar Fabric that has hemmed edges to prevent curling. This breathable fabric is all about keeping you comfortable while following recommendations for cloth facial coverings. Offering up to UPF +50 solar protection from UV-rays these moisture-wicking Gaiters will stay dry and non-sticky throughout the day. 100% Microfiber Polyester with MShield odor resistant technology that kills and blocks oder-causing bacteria. Personalize our gaiters with sublimation heat transfer or UV-LED printing!

Recommended Size Chart:

Large - Adults

Medium - Adolescent 6-11 years

Small - Children 5 and under