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White Large Basic Dog Tank Shirt


Let your four-legged friend strut around in style in this customizable pet tank top. These 100% polyester t-shirts have the feel of a polyester cotton blend and are easy to personalize with sublimation heat transfer UV-LED or vinyl. The vivid color reproduction will definitely make your pooch or kitty stand out from the crowd and keep your pets always colorful and stylish.

Please refer to size chart before purchase. Appropriate for small - medium pets.

Size Length Neck Lbs Common Breeds
XS 9 10.2 0-4 Teacups Chihuahua Yorkies Small Cats
S 11 12 4-7 Terriers French Bulldog Medium Cats
M 12 14 7-10 Beagles Pugs Cocker Spaniels Brussels Griffons Maltese Miniature Pinschers Papillons Pomeranians Yorkshire Terriers Large Cats