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11" x 14" Glossy Gallery Wrap


No extra tools or supplies required! Take your photography signage or home decor project to the next level with Duraluxe high grade powder coated aluminum panels. These bendable gallery wrap sublimation photo panels have a glossy finish and are ideal for high color images that can be displayed indoors or outdoors.

These panels come flat for easy sublimation and quickly turn into a gallery wrap display when you fold at the already created creases. Available in multiple sizes for a variety of applications.

Gallery Wraps can be sublimated on both the aluminum and white side however the white surface provides optimal results.

Sizes of Easels (Finished/Flat)

8" x 12" Finished 11" x 15" Flat

11" x 14" Finished 14" x 17" Flat

16" x 20" Finished 19" x 23" Flat

12" x 12" Finished 15" x 15" Flat

16" x 16" Finished 19" x 19" Flat

8" x 20" Finished 11" x 23" Flat