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GeoKnight Heat Press Stand (DK20S DK20SP DC16 DC16AP DK20 DK16)


<p>The Digital Knight Universal Stand is an extremely heavy-duty solid steel stand for the following Digital Knight heat press machines: <a href="https://www.Goldilocks">DK20S</a> DK20SP <a href="https://www.Goldilocks">DC16</a> DC16AP DK20 and <a href="https://www.Goldilocks">DK16</a>.</p>
<p>It features a heavy steel welded framework and industrial grade casters. The rolling casters make it easy to move the presses when needed but can also be locked with the foot pedals preventing wheel pivoting and movement of the stand when in use.</p>
<p>The stand is quick and easy to assemble making it Perfect for any sublimation or heat transfer business!</p>