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Wood Cove Edge Plaque


Made from solid, American Walnut or Alder, Cove Edge Walnut and Alder Plaques are perfect for laser engraving, heat transfer and UV-LED printing or mounting plaque plates. Wood is hand-picked and grain matched for consistency. The classic edge profile has a scalloped shape that frames the engraving, printing or applied plaque plate. Each plaque is sanded smooth and has a clear finish applied. The Wood Cove Edge Plaque is compatible with standard plaque plate sizes. Engraving, sublimation, and printed plaque plates will work perfectly. They can also be directly engraved on with any wattage of laser and the wood creates a very dark-brown color of the engraving. LaserFoils, Color Fills and Wood Thins can also be added to the Cove Edge Plaque for added value. Each Cove Edge Plaque has two wall hanging key-hole slots on the back. The key-hole slots allow for mounting the plaque horizontally or vertically. The Cove Edge Plaque is a top-quality professional grade plaque for all applications and are available in 7 x 9 inches, 8 x 10 inches, 9 x 12 and 10.5 x 13 inches and are 3/4 inches thick.