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White Duro Laserable Wood


Duro Laser Wood Sheets feature a top quality, semi-gloss finish and are ideal for laser cutting and engraving. They are available in single sided 1/8” and double sided 1/4” thickness. The premium quality MDF core creates a brown edge when laser cut and is a consistent density for maximum productivity. Typical applications for Duro Laser Wood Sheets would be ornaments, boxes, signs and any project requiring precision interlocking pieces. The 1/8” can be used with laser systems with 25 watts of laser power and up. The 1/4" requires at least a 35+ watt laser for cutting due to the 1/4 inch thickness. Product Note: All LaserBits Wood Laminate Sheets have an MDF/fiberboard core and are formaldehyde free. Actual sheet size is 11-3/4" x 23-3/4."