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LaserFlex Heat Transfer Sheet


Create heat transfers with a laser using LaserFlex! Rich, bold colors that are crisp and clean will replace silk screening for short run jobs. LaserFlex is a major technology advance because it can be laser engraved which eliminates the weeding of small details like the insides of letters and logos. Engrave the LaserFlex using high speed and moderate power and then vector cut around the outside to create a ready-to-use heat transfer. Use a standard heat press to apply the transfer to the material. Engraving to heat press is fast and the results are durable and professional looking. LaserFlex works with any brand of C02 laser engraving system and heat press. Create highly detailed logos and designs and take advantage of the precision engraving capability of a laser engraving system. Tested durable on a variety of fabrics including cotton, blends and polyester. LaserFlex is an excellent way to diversify into new markets and create decorated garments and fabric items. Washing instructions are just like for any silk screened garment. Wash in cold water, turn inside out and use low heat to dry or just hang dry. Available in Pacific Blue, White, Navy Blue, Red, Green, Sunny Yellow, Orange and Black.