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iColor 2 Step Standard 550 'A' and 'B' Transfer Media for Light & Dark Textiles


<p>The iColor 2-Step Standard 550 Transfer Media was developed specifically for the iColor 550 transfer media printer but can be used interchangeably with all other iColor printers when a thinner transfer sheet is needed. This transparent media set will allow you to transfer prints from the iColor series of printers (including white and fluorescent color prints) onto a variety of garments especially dark fabrics. The white adhesive applied as a result of the 2-step process enhances the color of your print and increases the adhesion to your garment for maximum durability opacity and vibrancy on your finished product. Rasterization and breathability integrated into your design as well as using the garment color as a mask will enhance the stretch limit and softness of your finished product.</p><p>iColor 2-Step Standard 550 Transfer Media works at a higher temperature as compared to the iColor Premium paper (310F / 154C) so some care must be taken when pressing onto some types of synthetic material such as nylon or polyester. Spandex or lycra material is not recommended at this temperature. Save time money and space. No need to purchase a second heat press when using the iColor 2-Step Standard 550 Transfer Media system. The first and second presses share the same temperature and pressure so you don’t have to wait for the press to change temperature. Wash-tested up to 50 washes at 104F / 40C your images will remain durable and vibrant</p>.