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iColor Hard Surface Sample Media Pack


<p>Try before you buy! The iColor Hard Surface Media Pack is a variety of easy to use papers for use with hard surfaces to create stunning final projects for your customers. Unlike dye sublimation iColor Hard Surface Transfer Media does not require coated substrates which means you can press onto virtually anything... including dark substrates! You simple pick the right type of paper that works with your product specifically. Be sure to download our paper chart from the downloads tab to help you pick on a project by project basis. </p>

<h5>iColor Hard Surface Sample Media Kit includes (all letter or A4 size): </h5>
<ul><li>Aquaclear (5 sheets each) </li>
<li>Hard surface classic (5 sheets each) </li>
<li>Hard surface premium (5 sheets each) </li>
<li>Hard surface ceramic (5 sheets each) </li>
<li>Hard surface wood and leather (5 sheets each) </li>
<li>Tattoo media (5 sheets each) </li>
<li>Hard surface presto (bronze silver and gold - 2 sheets each) </li>
<li>Window cling (clear and white - 2 sheets each) </li>
<li>Magnetic media (2 sheets) </li></ul>

<h5>Print and Transfer Onto: </h5>
<ul><li>Acrylic </li>
<li>Metal </li>
<li>Ceramic </li>
<li>Tile </li>
<li>Glass </li>
<li>Crystal </li>
<li>Paper </li>
<li>Wood </li>
<li>Cardboard </li>
<li>Leather </li>
<li>Candles </li>
<li>Skin </li></ul>