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Gold Acrylic Billboard Impress Award


Easy to engrave and assemble Billboard Impress Awards feature classic looks at an affordable price. Made from 3/8 inch thick acrylic, these awards feature a press-on base that does not require special acrylic glue. Top quality cast acrylic laser engraves a frosty white color for rich looking engraving. With a 4-5/8" base, the Billboard Impress Awards are available in three heights: 4," 6-1/2," and 7-1/2." The Billboard Impress Award uses a simple reverse bevel design and square top that has a large engravable area. The black base has gold mirror and a bevel design that creates brilliant highlights throughout the award. Using special anaerobic adhesives on the award top, the assembly process has become a simple peel-and-stick method. The assembled award is rigid and durable immediately with the bond strengthening even more over time. The special adhesive used will last the lifetime of the award.