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Glass Photo Stand


9" x 6-3/8" Discontinued. Available while supplies last. Display a cherished photo on one side and an engraved message on the other. The Glass Photo Stand is a multipurpose gift or award that suits many occasions. The Glass Photo Stand is made from clear glass that has a slightly beveled edge. The thin slot between the two pieces of glass, create a simple method to slide in a photographic print. The elegant Glass Photo Stand has a sturdy base with 4 rubber feet. Available in four sizes: 9" X 6-3/8"(holds a vertical 4" X 6" photo), 11" X 4-1/4"(holds a horizontal 4" X 6" photo), 10" X 7-1/4"(holds a vertical 5" X 7" photo), and 12" X 5-1/4"(holds a horizontal 5" X 7" photo).