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Blue Acrylic Frosted Impress Award


Frosted Beauty! The Frosted Impress award has rich and elegant classic looks featuring thick, 1 inch thick cast acrylic. A black base with Blue accents reflects into the hewn edges of the award. The hewn edges take on the colors with a glow making the white colored engraving pop with contrast and clarity. The 5" base is available with three heights: 6," 7," and 8." The Impress Award Series uses modern technology to attach the base to the award top. No acrylic glue or special adhesives are required. Impress Awards are easy to engrave and assemble. Using special anaerobic adhesives on the award top, the assembly process has become a simple peal-and-stick method. The assembled award is rigid and durable immediately with the bond strengthening even more over time. The special adhesive used will last the lifetime of the award. The Frosted Impress Award is a great value, easy to assemble and is sure to be loved for the rich color and elegant design.